Wishing – Willow Tree – Staty från Willow Tree, Signature Collection

– Wishing
”This is a very open piece in wich the giver and receiver participate in defining its meaning. The giver can fill in the wish – perhps a hopeful wish for a future aspiration, or a wistful missing you wish, or a healing wish of comfort and friendship”

The ”Willow Tree” is actually a line of figurative sculptures created by artist Susan Lordi. Each piece in the Willow Tree collection is hand-carved by the artist and then cast in resin from her original carvings, preserving the delicate and expressive details of the original work.

These sculptures often depict simple yet emotive figures, such as angels, families, couples, or individuals in various poses and expressions. They are characterized by their minimalist design and lack of facial features, allowing viewers to project their own emotions and interpretations onto the sculptures.

The Willow Tree sculptures are popular as gifts for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or to express sympathy or support during difficult times. Each piece comes with a sentiment card that suggests a theme or emotion associated with the sculpture, but they are intentionally left open to personal interpretation.

The Willow Tree collection has gained a significant following for its ability to evoke deep emotions and connections with its viewers, making it a meaningful and cherished addition to many homes and personal spaces.



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