Tarot Made Easy
Learn how to read and interpret the cards!

”The Tarot is one of the most popular fortune-telling methods in the world. It can give information, clarity and guidance on all aspects of a person’s life, including relationships, career, finances, travels and health. In this book, Tarot expert Kim Arnold teaches readers how to read the hidden symbolism in Tarot cards and receive answers to their most pressing life questions. Ideal for those with a passion for divination, this book will teach you:
– the meaning of each of the cards in the classic Rider Waite deck
– the different ways of working with the cards to receive either quick or in-depth answers to a question
– how to link the meaning of cards together and make intuitive interpretations during a reading
– how to apply your knowledge to other decks and choose the right deck for you
– how to give accurate readings to others


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